Fertility improvement via our Magnetic beads for Sperm Sorting

Rare cells mixed with populations of other cells can be isolated and further analyzed for Chromosome abnormalities & Nucleic Acids. Smaller custom Clemente Nanoparticles have been used in intracellular trafficking.The small size of the nanopaerticles allows rapid solution kinetics and minimal agitation. No toxicity issues have been found with Clemente Magnetic Nano particles. Since particles preparation does not involve toxic materals, they are safe.Toxicity certificates/reports available for each product upon request


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Fertilization rate (10.02 ± 0.24 MASE vs 9.08 ± 0.25 DGC) (p=0.008),
cleavage rate (8.08 ± 0.2 MASE vs 6.9 ± 0.24 DGC) (p=0.0001),
Blastocysts formed (6.13 ± 0.19 MASE vs 4.86 ± 0.2 DGC) (p=0.00007)



53 confirmed pregnancies out of 66 (MASE) vs 35 out of 66 (DGC).
Chi-square test was performed (0.05 significance), fisher’s exact significance (0.002).


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Gender particles Y Isolation Procedure

Gender particles Y isolation from Human semen procedure.


Non NPs Fertility Products


Check Our New SCD kit for an easy & robust Sperm DNA fragmentation test

Sperm Chromatin is an in vitro diagnostic kit that allows the measurement of Sperm DNA fragmentation in a fast, easy, and reproducible manner, without the need for complex laboratory equipment as tunnel testing. Based on SCD technique by Halotech, The images of halos generated with Sperm Chromatin are highly contrasted and can be evaluated precisely using conventional or fluorescent microscopy.


  • Couples with a history of miscarriages.                           ​
  • Couples with unexplained  infertility for more than 6 months.​
  • Men older than 40 or men using tight fittings.                                                                ​
  • Men with a history of cancer or under treatment with prescription medications.​
  • Men exposed to toxic agents                                                ​
  • Men who have had urogenital infections.​
  • Men with unhealthy lifestyle habits: Smoking, Obesity.  ​
  • Poor quality of the embryo during second cycles of egg donation.​
  • Male factor of  unknown cause


  • Cost efficient (Cheaper than the competition)
  • Contains both Alkaline and Acidic denaturation systems per kit
  • Includes 15 tests per Kit (more volume than traditional SDFI kits)
Detailed Product Description
Method:​​ SCD​​ Specification:​​ 15T/Kit​​
Storage Temperature:​​ 2 – 8℃​​ Shelf Life:​​ 24 Months​​
Test Sample:​​ Raw semen​ ​Processed sperm​ ​​
Each kit includes: acidic and alkaline denaturation agent , lysis  solution, stain solution A , stain B,​
15 eppendorf tubes + 15 super coated test slides + float and product insert​
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Leukostain (Semen Peroxidase Stain)

Application:​ For rapid quantitative detection of leukocyte concentration in human semen specimen. Features:
  • It is ready for use and easy to handle.​
  • Convenient for clinical use.​
  • The HRP control solution is used for quality control and guarantees precision of the results.​
  • 1500 test per kit.


 Detailed Product Description
 Method:​  Peroxidase Staining​
 Storage Temperature:​  2 – 8℃​
 Package:​  1500 Tests/kit​
 Shelf Life:​  24 Months​


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