Fertility improvement via our Magnetic beads for Sperm Sorting

Rare cells mixed with populations of other cells can be isolated and further analyzed for Chromosome abnormalities & Nucleic Acids. Smaller custom Clemente Nanoparticles have been used in intracellular trafficking.The small size of the nanopaerticles allows rapid solution kinetics and minimal agitation. No toxicity issues have been found with Clemente Magnetic Nano particles. Since particles preparation does not involve toxic materals, they are safe.Toxicity certificates/reports available for each product upon request

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Fertilization rate (10.02 ± 0.24 MASE vs 9.08 ± 0.25 DGC) (p=0.008), cleavage rate (8.08 ± 0.2 MASE vs 6.9 ± 0.24 DGC) (p=0.0001), Blastocysts formed (6.13 ± 0.19 MASE vs 4.86 ± 0.2 DGC) (p=0.00007)
53 confirmed pregnancies out of 66 (MASE) vs 35 out of 66 (DGC). Chi-square test was performed (0.05 significance), fisher’s exact significance (0.002).

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Gender Selection NanoBeads

 mammalian spermatozoa charge based nanoselection for gender. 

  • Elevates your propability for a higher PGD specific requested gender after ICSI (Human)
  • Suitable for cattle industry enriching a specific gender prior to assisted insemination. (Animal)

Gender nanoselection protocol for mammalian spermatozoa 

Mature Sperm Select (HA binding assay media)

 Sperm medium containing hyaluronan with moderate viscosity. The mixture is highly effective at identifying and immobilizing mature spermatozoa prior to Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). 

Hyaluronan is one of the cumulus oophorous complex components which surrounds the oocyte and is regarded as an important biomarker for sperm maturity and quality. Only fully mature sperm that have completed the last crucial stages of spermatogenesis have fully functioning receptors for Hyaluronan. Mature spermatozoa response to Hyaluronan results in sperm immobilization and tail vigorous movement. The highest quality of spermatozoa possible within the ejaculate can be identified using Hyaluronan binding biomarker.  (J Assist Reprod Genet. 2010 Jan; 27(1): 13–16. Published online 2009 Dec 30. doi: [10.1007/s10815-009-9380-0].)


  • Considered as a nontoxic replacement for toxic PVP in the sperm selection process.
  • Higher embryos development and cleavage rates.
  • Higher embryo quality compared.
  • Lower rates of chromosomal aneuploidies & DNA fragmentation.
  • Higher chromosomal integrity for selected sperm.
  • Lower rates of early pregnancy loss following ICSI.

 Detailed Product Description

 Method:  hyauronic Acid Binding
 Storage Temperature:  2 – 8℃
 Package:  100 microL/vial
 Shelf Life:

 90 days sealed / 30 days from vial opening