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Clemente Associates
33 Harkness Drive Madison Ct. 06443 USA


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Clemente Associates is dedicated to finding new applications for nano materials particularly Magnetic Nano particles. Our technology does not use columns or other pressure devices that may damage cells and the particle sizes are small enough to avoid any cellular shearing due to constant bombardment of particles on cells (agitation). As a result, we have more degrees of freedom to capture and collect a variety of analytes, cells and proteins in either micro liter or liter volumes. We will attach any antibody and orient it for maximum capture and purity as well a proteins, carbohydrates and other molecules.

We work with Universities and commercial organizations to advance our technology. These collaborations have led to technologies that enable us to capture fetal cells using noninvasive technique at 5 weeks gestation; releasing hydrogen from soda cans or other Aluminum packages (green technology), sterilizing (bacteria and virus) fluids without heat, gender selection in animals and fertility improvements in human by depleting damaged sperm (apoptotic DNA damaged, etc.)